Affiliate programm

Any Bank needs continuous inflow of investments with exponential rising and new Costumers, and this is a trivial fact.

To ensure such an inflow of investments and Costumers, our Company has developed a special partner program beneficial for both participants of the process. C&T Bank receives new investments where as our partners receive additional dividends.

What is to be done:

Let’s make it clear at the beginning – it is not a mandatory way of cooperation. You may simply enjoy dividends from your referred members deposits. Just send everyone you know your Affiliate Link, or post it on the Web. If you have much Members, you get high profit for free!
Having registered at the website, you obtain an opportunity to attract new investors. However, to get a remuneration for bringing a new investor, you need to use a special referral link, which will become your unique identifier. This link will be available on your personal account.

The amount of remuneration is 4% of the amount of investment made by your referral.

Video Review Affiliate program:

This is one more option of cooperation but very simple. In this case, you become an Money Bonus to your Account Balance if you send us an Video Link that you have posted on youtube etc. with an great Review from our Company and Website.

For every great Video you get 30€ for FREE!.

Affiliate program is the best proof of our serious intentions. We invite you to become part of our team and get extra income!

After you create the Video from our Website or Company , upload it on an site like Youtube with your Affiliate Link in the description.

The best video wins an Price! Our Company is eager to attract new partners-investors, however, we do not intend to open a hunting season on them.