About Us

If you reached this page, it means you got interested in us, which is good! Let us introduce our Company properly.

C&T Bank was started in April 2008, in Great Britain, as an small Financial Company. Over the Years we expand to more Countrys and now we are an Bank Institute that works worldwide with big Investors and other Financial Companys.

We offer for our Costumers today, Investment and Banking Solutions. That means you can invest in our Company and go home with good Profit, no other Bank can offer it this Year.

We work how every other Bank work in your City, the only differant, We are better!

All Investments we get, we invest it back (Mines, Buildings, Estates) and sell it higher, get Loans / and get back with interest, Sell Banking Solutions Worldwide and offer Banking Accounts and Credit Cards. In 2016 we had over 160 Big Investors (Invested in our Company directly /not this Website, over 60 Million Euro) and more as 8000 Business Partner Worldwide.

What we offer

Choose an Investment Plan from our list, the time and the Amount you want invest in us or just open an Offshore Bank Account WITHOUT VERIFICATION and send Worldwide wires or other currencys.

Address and Info:

Wyvern House, 1 Church Road
Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3PD

Company Number: 06563322
CEO / Director: Mr Jean-Charles Pirlet
Incorporated on: 11 April 2008

Full License

Start investment and Banking Solution today!